Polar Freeze Guard LLC  
The Polar Freeze Guard system designed to keep your business going...and your profits flowing

U.S. PATENT # 5746240
Canada PATENT #  2218566

Freeze Guard System

   When system is activated, a predetermined charge of RV antifreeze mist purges the piping in each bay, leaving only a small residual of antifreeze in empty hoses and nozzles.

   When a bay is used, the system is reactivated, purging only the bay that has been used.

   Reactivation is only after a set delay time (1-minute).

U.S. Patent#5746240
Canada Patent#2218566

Eliminates all "weep" water!!!
All RV Antifreeze ingredients are considered GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the Food and Drug Administration
  • works with foam brush
  • works with low pressure
  • works with high pressure
  • works with in-bay automatics
  • will work for any in bay automatics or self serve car washes
Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates weep water (do not waste water anymore)
  • Saves money in water & sewer bills
  • 1-unit services 12 bays (12 outputs)
  • Protects both self serve bays & in bay automatics
  • Can protect foam brush system
  • Eliminates weep washers
  • Reduces ice build up in bay
  • Lower floor heat temperature
  • Saves on reclaim system
  • Automatically resets after power outages
  • Unit turns on at 33F ( or any preset temperature)
  • Simple installation

The Polar Freeze Guard system will pay for itself in one to two years (depending on water & sewer rates). This is a must for the car wash industry

  • Input Voltage: 120 VAC 50-60 Hz
  • Current Draw: 1 Amp (Max)
  • Liquid Requirements: Minimum
  • 1/2" ID hose
  • 25 PSI (flowing) Max. 85 PSI
  • Air Requirements: Min. CFM @ 40 PSI
Years of successful experience in the harsh winter environment of northern Michigan.


Years of testing behind Polar Freeze Guard System

Example of our manifold that we use for the Polar Freeze Guard System.
U.S. PATENT # 5746240
Canada PATENT #  2218566
Each Freeze Guard System is assembled in the United States
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